Last reviewed on 7 January 2022
School types: All · School phases: All
Ref: 4035

If you're a link governor, Ofsted inspectors won't formally assess your role. If you do speak to them, here's how you can demonstrate that you're effectively monitoring your school.

Thanks to Gulshan Kayembe, one of our associate education experts, for her input with this article.

Inspectors will want to meet as many governors as possible

Though link governors aren't mentioned directly in the School Inspection Handbook, it does state that schools should invite as many governors or trustees as possible to meet with inspectors during the inspection process (paragraph 69). 

Ofsted won’t ask to meet link governors specifically

However, they’ll probably ask if any governors they do meet have link roles. 

If your board has link governors, inspectors might look for evidence (e.g. in meeting minutes or visit reports) that these link governors are involved and active. Remember, link governors are a way of monitoring the school, so inspectors will want to see that they're fulfilling their roles.

Be ready to explain how you monitor your school

Visit school to