Last reviewed on 25 October 2021
School types: All · School phases: All
Ref: 36770

Learn how schools measure progress and attainment for pupils who can't access the curriculum or who are working below National Curriculum assessment standards. Understand 'the engagement model' and 'pre-Key-Stage standards' and how to monitor them.

Is this article for me?

Most governors don't need to understand performance data in great detail to carry out their role. If you don’t have any special responsibility for special educational needs (SEN) or performance data, read our governor's guide to learn the basics.

However, you'll need detailed knowledge of performance data for pupils with SEN if you're:

  • A data specialist who needs to know more about performance data specifically for pupils with SEN
  • On a committee focused on performance data generally, like teaching and learning or standards
  • A link governor for SEN

For extra support on performance data:

Most pupils with SEN will be assessed under the same performance metrics as everybody else, but they might just be a bit behind their peers.