Pupil achievement

Pupil progress & attainment

12 articles
  • A governor's guide to attainment and progress
    When it comes to measuring pupil performance, you'll often hear the words 'attainment' and 'progress' mentioned together. Use our guide to feel confident in knowing the difference between the 2.
  • Analysing pupil progress: questions to ask
    Use our questions to help you analyse pupil progress and confidently hold your school leaders to account.
  • Assessment for pupils with SEN
    Read the basics about assessment for pupils with special educational needs (SEN) on 1 page. You can also download this QuickRead as a ready-made resource to share with colleagues.

School performance data

4 articles
  • Exam results: what you should do next
    Whether your school's received good or poor results, understand what to do on results day, and download our list of questions to challenge and support your headteacher at your next meeting.
  • How to analyse your school's performance data
    Data analysis of pupil performance is a key part of understanding attainment and improving outcomes. Get to grips with how to go about it, including what to focus on and how to analyse data from ASP and IDSR.
  • Progress 8 explained
    Performance measures can be confusing. Get up to speed with what 'progress 8' is and how it's calculated, so you can understand your school's performance data.