Last reviewed on 21 October 2021
School types: All · School phases: All
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Get clarity on your role as the link governor for religious education. Find out how to monitor RE and save time with our example questions you can ask your school leaders to hold them to account.

Your role

You should:

Work closely with the subject lead

You're not expected to be an expert, to judge the subject the same way an inspector would, or to know as much as the headteacher.

You need to work closely with the subject lead to get the insights you need to help the board hold staff to account and drive improvement.

Be the board's specialist

Your job is to act as the link between governors and staff and to report to the board on things like:

  • Subject delivery
  • The impact of interventions
  • Use of resources
  • Attainment and progress

You can help other governors understand what aspects of teaching and learning look like in practice.

Bring your more detailed knowledge of the subject to important decisions (for instance, about school improvement priorities or policy approval).

Your school must teach RE, but how it teaches it will depend on