Finance: role of the link governor

Be clear on your role as a finance link governor so you can monitor effectively.

Last reviewed on 11 April 2022
School types: All · School phases: All
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  1. Your role
  2. Questions to ask senior leaders/the school business manager (SBM)
  3. Ofsted and finance

While governing boards are responsible for financial oversight, you may be appointed to the role of a finance link governor as a way to monitor your school's finances.

If you're on a local governing body (LGB) double check your scheme of delegation first to see what financial responsibilities you've been delegated.

Any governor can be the finance link governor as long as they have the appropriate skills and experience to carry out the role effectively. Our associate education expert, Jackie Beard, told us this.  

Your role

You should:

Work closely with the headteacher/school business manager (SBM)

Meet with the SBM so you're clear on your school's financial processes (e.g. the budget approval process), and so you can ask them questions