Last reviewed on 21 July 2020
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Strong financial management is one of the pillars of good governance. Find out what training, resources and funding are available to you to enhance your knowledge of school finance.

This article refers to a number of training providers. Their inclusion here is not a recommendation from The Key.

Overseeing financial performance is your third core function as a governor. In order to monitor school finance effectively, you should undertake financial training.

Governors for Schools

Governor recruitment charity Governors for Schools offers a finance for new governors e-learning course. It includes: 

  • The fundamentals of the schools financial framework
  • Key principles of good financial management

Once you start the course, you can select whether you're a governor in a maintained school or academy, so you only see the relevant information. 

The course is free to anyone. You can access it by completing an online registration form.

DfE funded training

The Department for Education (DfE) funds governance leadership development programmes for those in governance leadership positions:

Most providers include training in financial management as part of their offer, but you should review each programme to