Interview questions & tasks

  • Assistant/deputy headteacher: interview questions
    Adapt and use these questions, record sheet and interview tasks, along with tips on what to look for in a candidate's response, to help you select the best possible candidate for your role of assistant or deputy headteacher. Find questions specific to primary, secondary, special and faith schools.
  • Clerk to the governing board: interview questions
    Download and adapt our example interview questions and record sheet (based on the DfE's clerking competency framework), so you can recruit your next clerk/governance professional with confidence.
  • Headteacher: interview questions and tasks
    Select from our recommended interview questions and tasks to make sure you cover everything you need to and put candidates' skills to the test effectively. Plus, get clarity on what you can't ask, to keep your process fair and compliant.
  • Interview tasks for a clerk to the governing board
    Find out what tasks you can set when recruiting a clerk/governance professional to the governing board, and what to look for in a response.
  • School business manager (SBM): interview questions
    Get advice on what questions you can ask, and what to look for in the candidate's answer, during the interview process to recruit a school business manager (SBM).