Last reviewed on 10 September 2019
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Find out what tasks you can set when recruiting a clerk to the governing board, and what to look for in a response.

Our associate education expert Jeremy Bird helped us write this article. 

Be clear about the interview process and the tasks 

To make the tasks as clear as possible:

  • State expectations at the start of the exercise – for example, timings and what the candidate must do
  • Give candidates all the information that they require to complete the exercise
  • Provide paper (for written answers) or time (for verbal answers) for the candidates to explain the reasons for their decisions

Use the tasks below and tailor them to what's in the job description and the needs of your school.

Create minutes from governing board meeting notes

Give the candidate a set of notes from a previous governing board meeting, and ask them to identify the key points that'll need to be included in the minutes Give the candidate 10 minutes to complete this task Ask the candidate to discuss the reasons for their choices Check