Last reviewed on 26 October 2017
School types: All · School phases: All
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Can you suggest interview questions for a school business manager? The Key's associate education experts suggest questions to ask about different aspects of the school business manager role, and what to look for in a candidate's answers. We also refer to advice from the National College.

We asked 4 of The Key’s associate education experts, Kate Foale, Nazli Hussein, Jaimini Lakhani and David Roche, to propose possible interview questions for a school business manager (SBM). We also asked them to suggest some points to look for in a candidate's responses.

The interview questions listed here could apply to the school business manager position at any type of school. However, you may find some questions more relevant than others, depending on your school’s characteristics and circumstances.

Strategy, vision and financial management

Give an example of how an SBM can make a positive contribution to the school improvement plan

A strong answer may refer to:

Your headteacher has asked you to draw up a budget plan for the next 3 years. What information will you need to do this?