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  • Conducting senior leadership team recruitment interviews What is good practice for conducting senior leadership team interviews? We look at guidance on selection panels, planning, arranging and conducting interviews, and techniques for effective interviewing. You can also download a KeyDoc interview record sheet.
  • Interview questions and tasks for headteachers: finance With budgets an increasing concern for many schools, ask questions or set tasks related to finance in headteacher interviews. Use our article to get ideas for what questions or tasks you could use.
  • Interview questions for a clerk to the governing board Use these interview questions when you recruit your next clerk and see what to look for in a response. They're based on the DfE's clerking competency framework.
  • Interview questions for a deputy headteacher (Christian faith school) What might we ask at a deputy headteacher interview for a Christian faith school? We relay suggestions of questions for Christian faith schools from one of our associate education experts, presented in a downloadable KeyDoc. We also link to guidance from the CofE and a Catholic diocese.
  • Interview questions for a deputy headteacher (primary) What interview questions could we ask primary deputy headteacher candidates? This article contains a downloadable KeyDoc interview record sheet with suggested questions for primary deputy headteachers and what to look for in responses. It also relays advice on making interview questions topical.
  • Interview questions for a headteacher Cover everything you need to during the interview with our example interview questions, and get top tips for writing your own. Find specific questions for primary, secondary, special and faith schools, and download our template so you can keep the answers in one place.
  • Interview questions for an assistant headteacher Are there examples of interview questions for an assistant headteacher? One of our associate education experts, and an education consultant, suggest questions to ask when interviewing an assistant headteacher. We also consider what to look for in a response, and link to articles on interview tasks.
  • Interview questions for a school business manager Can you suggest interview questions for a school business manager? The Key's associate education experts suggest questions to ask about different aspects of the school business manager role, and what to look for in a candidate's answers. We also refer to advice from the National College.
  • Interview tasks for a clerk to the governing board Find out what tasks you can set when recruiting a clerk to the governing board, and what to look for in a response.
  • Interview tasks for a headteacher: presentations A presentation can be an effective way to screen headteacher candidates. Choose the right format depending on what you're trying to assess and download our useful scoring sheet to mark candidates' presentations.
  • Interview tasks for a leadership post As a governor you can expect to be involved in interviews for senior leadership roles. Though your headteacher will likely take the lead on choosing interview tasks, you need to understand what each task is testing for, what you need to do in advance and how to spot a good answer.
  • Interview tasks for a leadership post: in-tray exercises Are there examples of in-tray exercises for a leadership post? We include examples of in-tray exercises from an academy, and also look at guidance on creating in-tray exercises and at the pros and cons of using these activities in interviews.
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  • Governing board involvement in appointing staff How involved should the governing body be in appointing staff? In this article, we refer to guidance from the Department for Education (DfE) on appointing staff. We also relay advice from One Education and one of our associate education experts.
  • Headteacher recruitment: top tips for attracting candidates If your headteacher has just resigned (or intends to), it might feel as though there's no time to find any replacement, much less the perfect headteacher for your school. You've got time. Here's what to do now.
  • Headteacher recruitment: what to do if it's not going well Recruiting a headteacher is difficult, time-consuming, and it isn't always successful despite your best efforts. Here's some advice on how to start over if it's not going well and you can't turn it around.
  • Recruitment checks: cheat sheet Do you know your DBS check from your section 128? Barred list check from prohibition from teaching? Learn the difference between the key recruitment checks, and why they're important.
  • Safer recruitment: role of the governing board Your board needs to confirm safer recruitment procedures are carried out in your school as part of it’s safeguarding responsibilities. Get to grips with what your role is, and how to do it.
  • Shortlisting candidates: template and guidance Download our shortlisting template to help you identify which candidates to invite for interview. Find out how to make sure your process is fair and that you shortlist the right people.
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  • Advertising requirements: headteacher vacancy Get up-to-speed on what you need to know about advertising for a new headteacher, including “good reasons” for not advertising at all.
  • Appointing a headteacher: tasks for the chair As chair, what should I do once we have decided on a headteacher? This article includes a downloadable KeyDoc containing a checklist of tasks for a chair of governors might carry out after a headteacher has been picked. We also refer to guidance from the National College and a local authority.
  • Co-headship: guidance for governors There's been a lot of buzz around the concept of flexible working and co-headship. Learn more about what co-headship is and what you need to consider when deciding if it might be right for your school.
  • Deputy headteachers: appointment and pay The process for appointing and setting pay for a deputy headteacher is nearly identical to that for a headteacher. Download our model job description and understand the process for hiring new deputy heads as well as how to pay acting deputy heads.
  • Headteacher absence: how to respond Know what your board needs to do if your headteacher is absent for the short-term or long-term, for example if they're on sick leave or have resigned. Download and adapt our template letter to communicate the situation to parents.
  • Headteacher recruitment: an overview Read our step-by-step guide to recruiting a headteacher, including advertising, shortlisting candidates, holding interviews and making the appointment.
  • Headteacher recruitment during coronavirus: how to manage it remotely You can still successfully recruit a headteacher. Here's what you need to do differently to lead a remote recruitment round and how to do it well.
  • Headteacher recruitment: what to avoid What should we avoid doing when recruiting a headteacher? This article relays tips from an education consultant, who sets out what to avoid during the headteacher recruitment process. The article also highlights guidance from the National College for School Leadership.
  • Headteacher selection panel: requirements and eligibility Headteacher selection panels are required in maintained schools and recommended in academies. Learn about the composition of the panel, the qualifications for its members, and how to keep everyone involved in the recruitment process.
  • Ratifying the decision of the headteacher recruitment panel Understand your role and the process for ratifying the panel's decision. Find out what questions to ask to hold the panel to account.
  • Recruiting a headteacher Save time by reading our summary of the headteacher recruitment process in just one page. Download a copy to share with your governing board.
  • Writing a reference for the headteacher Find out what’s expected of you if you receive a request for a reference. Read about who should write the reference and what it should cover.
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  • Early career teacher (ECT) induction: summary From 1 September 2021, newly qualified teacher (NQT) induction will be replaced by a 2-year early career teacher (ECT) induction, underpinned by the Early Career Framework (ECF). Here are the key points you need to know.
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