Devolved formula capital (DFC) funding

Devolved formula capital (DFC) is a source of capital funding for maintained schools and academies. Learn about how it's allocated and the rules your school needs to follow when spending it.

Last reviewed on 9 December 2022
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  1. What is devolved formula capital (DFC)?
  2. Your school's DFC allocation
  3. Rules on spending
  4. Additional funding for the 2022-23 financial year

What is devolved formula capital (DFC)?

DFC is funding to help your school maintain and improve the condition of its buildings, grounds and infrastructure.

It's allocated to individual schools, and can be spent on capital projects that will support your school's own improvement priorities.

Your school's DFC allocation

You can access the 'funding allocations for 2022 to 2023' from the school capital funding webpage.

The document sets out the allocations at school level and responsible body level in different tabs.  

How the allocations will be given out

The responsible body for your school will receive the funding: 

  • For maintained, non-voluntary aided (VA) schools, you'll be paid via your local authority (LA)
  • Academy trusts, VA bodies and all other eligible institutions will receive their funding directly from the Department for Education (DfE)

This is outlined in the 'condition funding methodology for 2022 to 2023' (page 4) from the school capital funding webpage.

DFC is paid