Last reviewed on 22 April 2022
School types: All · School phases: All
Ref: 34214

Find out what your school needs to do under the current framework, how to assess your curriculum's 'intent, implementation and impact', and understand how inspectors will judge behaviour in your school.

COVID-19 recovery

Ofsted's latest handbook update takes into account the pandemic and its effect on schools. It recognises that most schools were unable to implement the curriculum in the usual way. As such, inspectors will look at how your school adapted and prioritised the curriculum from September 2020.

They'll also look to understand the effects of the pandemic as part of the context of your school's current curriculum. They'll look at:

If your school is directly deploying tutors to support pandemic recovery, inspectors will also consider how they support your school curriculum's aims. This won't be inspected in its own right, but as part of the evaluation of the 'quality of education' and