Ofsted inspection framework: what it means for your school

Find out what your school needs to do under the current framework, so you can monitor how your school is performing against the 4 areas of judgement.

Last reviewed on 5 May 2023
School types: All · School phases: All
Ref: 34214
  1. Quality of education
  2. Behaviour and attitudes
  3. Personal development
  4. Leadership and management

The School Inspection Handbook was published in 2019 with some small changes made in 2022.

Ofsted will inspect your school against 4 key judgements:

  • Quality of education
  • Behaviour and attitudes
  • Personal development
  • Leadership and management

Quality of education

Your school's curriculum is at the heart of Ofsted's 'quality of education' judgement.

As a governing board, you won't be inspected under the 'quality of education' judgement, so you don't need to know this information in great detail, but understanding the basics could help you monitor your school's approach. 

Read more about the curriculum in our other article.

Intent, implementation and impact

The 'quality of education' judgement is split into 3 curriculum concepts:

Inspectors won't judge them as 3 separate measures - they'll consider them all as