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  • Questions to ask about safeguarding Know what to ask your designated safeguarding lead (DSL) and what to look for in their answers so you can make sure your school's safeguarding provisions are working well. Plus, see questions you can use to respond to incidents.
  • Safeguarding report to the governing board As governors, you need to stay updated on safeguarding matters. Know what to expect from a safeguarding report and what you should do with it.
  • Safeguarding responsibilities Read our 1-page summary of your board's role in keeping children safe in your school, and the duties of your safeguarding governor. Download a copy to share with your colleagues.
  • Sexual violence and sexual harassment between children: summary Read our summary of the updated peer-on-peer abuse advice from the DfE and download our model policy which covers sexual harassment and sexual violence between children.
  • The Prevent duty Save time by reading our summary of your responsibilities under the Prevent duty in just one page. Download a copy to share with your colleagues.
  • The Prevent duty: governors' role Understand what your board needs to do to make sure your school complies with the Prevent duty. Use our audit tool to help you monitor compliance.
  • The Prevent duty: schools' responsibilities Be clear on your school's responsibilities under the Prevent duty so you know what to look out for when you're monitoring compliance.