Tips to boost engagement with parents and other stakeholders

If your school or trust wants to strengthen stakeholder and parental engagement, your board can help to drive improvement in communications. Find strategies that your chair, board and school can use.

Last reviewed on 22 April 2022
School types: All · School phases: All
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  1. Why stakeholder engagement matters
  2. If your school is struggling, get your chair involved
  3. Strategies for the board to use
  4. Strategies for the school to use

Why stakeholder engagement matters

Good decision making is well informed by the views and needs of key stakeholders and particularly parents.

Your board should have mechanisms that enable you to listen, understand and respond to the voices of your stakeholders. This is according to pages 14 and 20 of the Governance Handbook

Parental engagement is especially important

It can "have a large and positive impact" on children’s learning (see page 21 of the handbook, linked above). 

It's the board's responsibility to be sure your school has an effective strategy for engaging meaningfully with parents. This means parental engagement should be used to:

  • Inform strategic decision making
  • Support parents to understand the structure of the school and how it operates
  • Help parents support their children's education

If stakeholder engagement is a concern at your school and you're the chair, you should kick things off by meeting with