School newsletter: governors' role

Find out what questions you can ask about your school’s newsletter and what you can expect it to cover, so you can make sure your school’s community is kept up to date.

Last reviewed on 22 November 2023
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  1. Stay strategic
  2. What you can expect to see in a school newsletter

Thanks to our associate education experts, Fred Birkett, Jackie Beard and Gulshan Kayembe, for their help with this article.

Stay strategic

It’s not your job to tell school leaders what should be in the school newsletter.

Instead, your role may involve:

Using the newsletter to monitor how your school engages with parents/the wider community Questions you could ask your school leaders: How did you decide on the format of the newsletter (e.g. electronic/paper copy)? How do you make sure all parents can access the newsletter? For example, those with limited computer access and/or English as an additional language? Have you asked for