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    • Governors' reports to parents Do we need to produce an annual report for parents? It is no longer statutory for governing bodies in England to produce an annual report for parents, although those in Wales are required to do so. This article features a KeyDoc with a suggested format for a report and links to examples from schools.
    • How to help your school improve links with parents As the chair of governors, find out some practical ideas of what you can do, and what you can suggest to your school, to encourage stronger ties with parents.
    • Parent and staff surveys: governors' role Surveys can be an effective way to gather feedback from parents and staff, but there's a right and wrong way to do it. Read this to be sure you're on the right track.
    • School newsletter: governors' role What should we expect to see in our school's newsletter to parents? This article sets out advice from 3 of The Key's associate education experts on governors' role in relation to the school newsletter. It also links to a further article on forming a school communications strategy.
    • Social media: how to prevent and respond to poor parent behaviour Parents can sometimes be defamatory, negative or inappropriate on social media. Take these steps to prevent and deal with any incidents.
    • Strategies for communicating with parents and other stakeholders How should the governing body communicate with stakeholders? We relay advice from our associate education experts on developing a communication strategy for the school. We also look at communications policies from schools.
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    • Governor biographies: template and examples Biographies are a useful way to introduce governors to the school community. See some examples from other schools and then use our template to create your own governor's profile.
    • Managing the school website: guidance Who is responsible for managing the school website? We relay good practice advice on managing a school website from two associate education experts and the ICO. We also look at guidance on data protection and confidential information.
    • Marketing your school effectively How can we market our school to prospective parents? This article has a KeyDoc guide to developing a marketing strategy. You will also find advice on raising a school's profile in the community, and using social media to communicate with parents.
    • Raising the school's profile in the local community How can the school raise its profile in the local community? We relay advice from two of our associate education experts on what a school can do to raise its profile in the community. We also look at how to publicise the school and at examples of how schools engage with their local community.
    • School website: publishing information about the governing board Find out what governing board information you're required to publish on your school website, and download our checklists for maintained schools and academies to make sure you haven't missed anything out.
    • School website: publishing requirements and your role in it Find out what your role is in making sure your school website complies with publishing requirements. Use our checklists if you want to dig deeper to check your school or trust website is compliant.
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