Last reviewed on 27 November 2018
School types: All · School phases: All
Ref: 3721

A summary of the government guidance on barring or removing parents from the school site, plus expert guidance for governors on reviewing a ban.

Schools can bar abusive parents

The Department for Education (DfE) says:

Schools are private property. People do not have an automatic right to enter. Parents have an ‘implied licence’ to come on to school premises at certain times, for instance:

  • For appointments
  • To attend a school event
  • To drop off or pick up younger children

It also says:

Schools can bar someone from the premises if they feel that their aggressive, abusive or insulting behaviour or language is a risk to staff or pupils. It’s enough for a member of staff or a pupil to feel threatened.

This is set out in advice on controlling access to school premises. It applies to maintained schools and academies. 

Barring process

You then need to give the parent an opportunity to express their views and present their