Last reviewed on 4 November 2019
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Find out what you, as the governing board, can expect from mentors supporting a new governor. Share this article with any mentors on your board.

Thanks to Fred Birkett, one of our associate education experts, who helped us with this article.

Who should be a mentor

  • The chair/vice chair of the board or a committee chair
  • An experienced member of the governing board
  • Someone who has the capacity to carry out the role

As chair, you should promote and facilitate the mentoring and support of your new governors. This is outlined on page 26 of the competency framework

The role


The mentor should:

  • Provide ongoing support and information to the new governor
  • Develop a committed member of the governing board
  • Reinforce the value of governors asking probing questions, even those that may seem obvious 

Contact with the new governor could include face-to-face discussions, phone calls and email/text discussions - both parties can agree to this. Whichever it is, make sure that it isn't onerous for either individual. 

Direct the mentor to our resources

Be clear on how to induct new governors effectively in our article.