Training & induction

  • Finance glossary
    Be clear on the key financial terms you'll encounter as a governor at a maintained school or an academy, plus download our glossary to share it with your board.
  • Finance training for governors and trustees
    Strong financial management is one of the pillars of good governance. Find out what training and resources are available to you to enhance your knowledge of school finance.
  • Governance basics glossary
    The key governance terms you'll encounter, including roles on the board, school types, meeting procedures and key documents. Plus, a downloadable version to share with new governors and trustees.
  • Governor and trustee pack templates
    Get your governors or trustees up to speed quickly with our template governor packs. Give them all the essential school and trust information and policies they need, right at their fingertips. We've also included a customisable school-on-a-page (SOAP), including a top-level version for MAT trustees.
  • How to induct a new governor or trustee effectively
    High-quality induction ensures that new governors and trustees can hit the ground running. Understand what you need to do to prepare them for their role, and use our checklist to make sure you've done everything you need to.
  • Induction training for governors and trustees
    A solid induction can help new governors and trustees understand their roles and be effective straight away. Discover resources to help them get off to a great start.
  • Keeping a record of governor training
    Although you aren't required to keep a record of governor or trustee training, it can be a useful source of evidence. Learn how you can track your board's training, and see examples of training records from other boards.
  • Mentor to a new governor: role
    Understand your role as a mentor and how to support a new governor or trustee on your board.
  • Ofsted glossary for governors
    Do you know your graded inspection from your ungraded inspection? There's a lot of jargon involved in the world of Ofsted. Read our definitions and use our handy download to get up to speed.
  • Performance data glossary
    Pupil performance data is full of technical terms and acronyms. Keep our performance data glossary on hand to help you make sense of your data reports. Share our downloadable version with new governors.
  • Safeguarding training for governors: guidance
    Governors should have regular safeguarding training. Find out what the recommendations and requirements are for various types of safeguarding training, so you can help keep pupils safe.
  • Safer recruitment training: statutory requirements
    At least 1 member of a selection panel must have completed safer recruitment training. Understand what the training should cover and how often it should be refreshed. We also point you to our safer recruitment elearning.
  • SEND glossary
    Get a handle on the key terms relating to special educational needs and disability (SEND), with a downloadable version to share with new governors.
  • Staffing and HR glossary
    The key staffing, HR and employment terms you'll encounter as a governor, plus a downloadable version to share with new governors.
  • Training for governors and trustees
    Discover where to find governor and trustee training to help you improve your governance skills and knowledge.
  • Who's who: cheat sheets for schools and trusts
    A handy guide to the most common roles you’ll come across in your school, single academy or multi-academy trust (MAT), so you know who everyone is and what they’re responsible for.