Staff restructure and redundancy: the process

Understand what's involved in the reorganisation of your school's staffing structure. Get to grips with the steps of the process, your role in the planning stage and the rules around consultation and dismissal.

Last reviewed on 10 October 2022
School types: All · School phases: All
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  1. 1. Planning the restructure
  2. 2. Setting the selection criteria
  3. 3. Consulting employees
  4. 4. After the consultation 
  5. 5. Running the selection process and changing contracts
  6. Outcomes 
  7. Example redundancy procedures

Usually this process will be carried out by the headteacher, not governors. However, the information below will help you know what to expect.

The same process can be followed whether you're restructuring the senior leadership team (SLT), teaching staff, support staff, or your entire staffing structure. 

1. Planning the restructure

The first steps are to:

  • Agree that a restructure is necessary - this is strategic, so your board will be involved
  • Plan what you would like to do, and what your new structure looks like - your headteacher will draft this plan

If you and your headteacher haven't done these steps yet, read our advice and 'questions to ask' at the planning stage first. 

2. Setting the selection criteria

Your headteacher, with support from your HR provider, will decide how you'll choose who will take on any new or changed roles and potentially who will be made redundant.