Restructuring your staff: governors' role

The decision to restructure is strategic and part of your remit as a governor. Learn how to make this decision, find questions to ask, and get tips on supporting your headteacher through the process.

Last reviewed on 14 December 2021
School types: All · School phases: All
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  1. Make sure you challenge the idea
  2. Ask your headteacher to create a draft plan
  3. Scrutinise the proposed new structure
  4. Approve the decision 
  5. Support the headteacher

This article outlines a common way that restructures are decided and planned. If the process differs to your school's or local authority's restructuring/redundancy policy, make sure you follow that instead.

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Make sure you challenge the idea

As governors, you'll know a restructure is on the horizon, given your strategic oversight of the school and overall responsibility for staffing matters. 

The prospect of a restructure might arise in discussions about:

  • Saving money at a finance committee meeting
  • Staffing resource and skills at a staffing committee meeting
  • Changing how your school delivers education in a standards committee meeting
  • Working more closely with other schools and pooling your resources

Whatever the reason, don’t take a restructure lightly. Even if it initially seems the best or only option, make sure there’s some challenge to the idea.

Is a restructure definitely the best way to achieve