Staff roles, structures & change

Managing staff restructures

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  • 6 key rules to remember when restructuring staff
    Reorganising staff in a school is different to restructuring in other organisations. As governors, you won't manage this process, but read the key rules and requirements here so you can support your headteacher effectively.
  • Managing your headteacher’s departure
    Be clear on how to make sure your headteacher has a smooth departure and how you can help maintain effective leadership following their exit. Use our template letter to share the news with parents and carers.
  • Restructuring your staff: governors' role
    Major restructures are strategic and part of your remit as a governor. Learn to challenge the need for a restructure and scrutinise plans. Also find questions to ask and get tips on supporting your headteacher through the process.

Staffing structures

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Staff roles & responsibilities

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