Headteacher appraisal: interim review

Conduct your headteacher’s interim review with confidence with advice on how to run the meeting. Download our report template to keep your notes all in 1 place.

Last reviewed on 1 March 2022
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  1. You don’t have to hold interim reviews
  2. The meeting shouldn’t be too formal
  3. Carefully consider who should be in the meeting
  4. Keep a record of the review: download our template
  5. Report back to the board

Make sure your headteacher is comfortable with your arrangements and that they have some input into how you manage the process.

Please note: this article provides guidance on how to run an interim performance review meeting. Be sure to double check if your local authority (LA) or academy trust has a specific process it would like you to follow.

You don’t have to hold interim reviews

It’s up to you to decide whether to run them and how often.

Typically, interim reviews take place once a year, but you might feel a termly review is appropriate.

Bear in mind the headteacher’s workload and the additional burden frequent reviews would put on them. You can use the headteacher's reports to help monitor progress without the need for additional meetings.

The meeting shouldn’t be too formal

The headteacher's progress towards their objectives. Use evidence