Headteacher appraisal: step-by-step process and templates

Use our 5-stage process for your headteacher's appraisal this year. Download our templates and checklist so you know you've met all your statutory requirements and have everything covered.

Last reviewed on 4 May 2023
School types: Maintained, AcademySchool phases: AllRef: 3369
  1. Checklist: the full process
  2. Stage 1: before the review meeting
  3. Stage 2: hold a pre-meeting with the external adviser
  4. Stage 3: pre-meeting between the headteacher and external adviser
  5. Stage 4: headteacher's review and planning meeting
  6. Stage 5: after the headteacher's review and planning meeting
  7. Who should see the report?

This article is based on The Education (School Teachers’ Appraisal) (England) Regulations 2012, the Department for Education's teacher appraisal model policy, and advice from our HR expert Ruth Alinek. The law and guidance applies to maintained schools only, but academies can follow it if they wish. 

Checklist: the full process

This checklist will walk you through the whole process. The chair of the headteacher's appraisal panel can use it to make sure they've covered all the necessary tasks.

Download: headteacher appraisal checklist DOCX, 532.3 KB

Stage 1: before the review meeting

Appoint an appraisal committee or panel, including a chair, and allow the headteacher to raise any concerns they have about the membership Appoint an external adviser to assist with the headteacher appraisal process It's not required, but you may want to collect 360-degree feedback from the other governors and the staff Schedule an appropriate place and time for the review and planning meeting. Invite the appraisal panel, headteacher and the external adviser Review the headteacher's performance against their objectives, the