Questions Ofsted might ask governors

Find out what Ofsted inspectors might ask you during inspection and what evidence you can use to support your answers.

Last reviewed on 22 September 2022
School types: All · School phases: All
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  1. Your role during an inspection
  2. The impact of COVID-19
  3. Questions Ofsted might ask
  4. Know your role and your school
  5. 'Quality of education'
  6. 'Personal development' and 'behaviour and attitudes'

Your role during an inspection

This article covers questions that Ofsted inspectors might ask you about your school and your role.

As a governing board, you'll be inspected under Ofsted's 'leadership and management' judgement. For more information on this area, take a look at our articles on:

The impact of COVID-19

Since Ofsted restarted its routine inspections in September 2021, it has continued to recognise the disruption that the pandemic has had on schools. This is reflected in its School Inspection Handbook.

Read our article on routine Ofsted inspections after September 2021 for information on how inspectors will consider the impact of the pandemic.

Questions Ofsted might ask

Use these questions to prepare for an inspection and see suggestions of evidence you can provide to support your answers.

Your understanding of your role and school Quality of education/curriculum  Use of