How to clerk an Ofsted feedback meeting

Is your school due an inspection? Be clear how to clerk an Ofsted feedback meeting so you can capture everything the inspector says. Find out what you should do before, during and after the meeting.

Last reviewed on 5 September 2023
School types: All · School phases: All
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  1. Your headteacher will decide who clerks this meeting
  2. Before the meeting
  3. During the meeting
  4. After the meeting

Our associate education expert, Fiona Stagg, helped us to write this article.

Your headteacher will decide who clerks this meeting

If you're expecting Ofsted in the near future

Ask your headteacher if they know who will clerk this meeting, and who’ll step in if that person isn't available. They should pick 2 people they know are confident and quick at taking verbatim notes (1 should be the clerk, while the other will act as a backup). 

If Ofsted is coming tomorrow

If your clerk isn't available and your headteacher hasn't organised a backup, the person who ends up clerking the meeting might be: 

  • A member of admin staff
  • The school business manager (SBM)
  • A governor

Before the meeting

If you've been asked to clerk the meeting:

Make sure you know the details

Find out:

  • Where the meeting will be held
  • What time it'll be
  • The names of those attending

But make