new on 26 March 2024
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Understand the changes to flexible working rules from April, including the right of employees to request flexible arrangements from day 1 of employment. Read advice on how your school/trust leaders should be responding to the changes.

The rules around requesting and granting flexible working arrangements are due to change on 6 April 2024. This is the date that the Employment Relations (Flexible Working) Act 2023 is expected to come into effect.

Please note, this article is based on the Act and Acas’ code of practice on requests for flexible working – the code is expected to come into effect in April 2024, but we'll update this article if anything changes before then. Select ‘save for later’ at the top of the article to be notified when it’s updated. 

Old rule New rule Staff who have been employed at your school for 26 weeks have the right to make a statutory request for flexible working. All staff have the right to make a statutory flexible working request from day 1 of employment. Staff can make 1 flexible working request in a 12-month period. Staff can make 2 flexible working requests in a 12-month period. Employers must respond to