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Updated guidance on flexible working came into force on 6 April 2024. Know what to expect when reviewing your flexible working policy and use our questions to support and challenge effectively.

Your board's role

As with most policies, your role as a board is to question and approve the flexible working policy.

Where the headteacher makes a flexible working request, your board should be responsible for considering the request in accordance with the policy. The board (or a suitable nominated governor) would then need to respond to the request within the stated timeframe. This procedure should be set out within your policy. 

Key points to look out for

The policy's aims and arrangements promote a culture of wellbeing and inclusivity

You'll want to see that your school/trust leaders have thought about how flexible working arrangements can have a positive impact on staff wellbeing and inclusivity.

Setting out how your school/trust and staff can benefit from flexible working (such as improved wellbeing and lower staff absence rates) Suggesting ways in which your school/trust can accommodate flexible working Referencing and ensuring