Last reviewed on 16 January 2020
School types: All · School phases: All
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Ofsted's 2019 inspection framework has put curriculum in the spotlight, so regular briefings on your school's offering should be on your agenda. Find out what to ask your school leaders to include in these reports, and what questions to ask them.

What a curriculum report is and who to get it from

You shouldn't expect a curriculum report to focus on individual subjects such as maths or reading. Instead, it should give you a more top-level view of how the curriculum works as a whole.

Keep the '3 Is' firmly in mind as you review these reports and question your school leaders – they're the key aspects of your curriculum that Ofsted considers when judging the quality of education you provide:

  1. Intent: what your school's trying to achieve through the curriculum 
  2. Implementation: how the curriculum's being delivered 
  3. Impact: how the curriculum's making a difference

If your board has a committee or link governor with responsibility for the curriculum, those governors should ask to receive these reports from the headteacher or head of curriculum.

If not, ask the headteacher/head of curriculum to report to the full governing board.

No, you should still expect to