ICT: role of the link governor

Understand your role as an IT or ICT link governor, including getting online safety and cyber security on your school's radar, and learn what questions you can ask school and subject leaders to challenge and support them.

Last reviewed on 26 July 2021
School types: All · School phases: All
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  1. Your role
  2. How to monitor your subject
  3. Questions to ask subject leaders
  4. Ofsted and the curriculum
  5. Examples from schools

Our thanks to our associate education experts, Harry James and Mark Trusson, for helping us with this article.

Your role

You should:

Work closely with the subject lead

You're not expected to be an expert, to judge the subject the same way an inspector would or to know as much as the headteacher or ICT department.

You need to work closely with the subject lead to get the insights you need to help the board hold staff to account and drive improvement. You won’t be expected to meet with technicians or other IT staff, as the day-to-day operations rest with the subject lead and/or headteacher. 

Champion ICT as a priority for your school

Make sure all governors recognise the importance of ICT and cyber security within your school’s strategic plan. 

Be the board's