Last reviewed on 7 April 2022
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Get tips on how to develop and nurture a positive working relationship with your CEO so you can support your trust.

Our thanks to our associate education experts Julia Skinner, Phil Preston and Brendan Hollyer, for their help with this article.

A good relationship is in everyone’s interests

This is because it'll allow you to:

  • Effectively hold your CEO to account
  • Monitor the performance of your trust
  • Help steer the trust towards its objectives

Build your working relationship on 4 pillars

1. Trust and honesty

You have to be confident that what your CEO is telling you is accurate, and that there’s nothing else going on behind the scenes (get tips on how to develop this trust between you below).

2. Openness

Both of you need to feel that you can talk openly - this will help you to challenge and support your CEO effectively.

3. Mutual respect for each other’s role

Brush up on the differences between your roles