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  • Clerk to governors in maintained schools: pay and hours As a clerk, a lot of factors inform your pay and working hours. See some examples of hours and pay from local authorities and read guidelines from our experts.
  • How to carry out your clerk's appraisal Your clerk is your board's governance professional. Learn how to carry out an annual performance review so you can drive high standards and support your clerk's professional development.
  • Involvement in meetings: clerk to the governing board How involved should a clerk be in governing board meetings? This article addresses the clerk's role in meetings, as set out in the clerking competency framework. It also relays an expert's advice on what to do if governors are concerned about the clerk's level of involvement.
  • Recruiting a clerk (maintained) How can we recruit a clerk to governors? Governing boards can do this through their LA clerking service, or independently. We look at examples of clerking services and link to recruitment resources, including a model person specification based on the clerking competency framework.
  • Skills audit: clerk to the governing board Free sample Evaluate your skills and knowledge and identify your training needs with our downloadable skills audit for clerks based on the competency framework.
  • The clerking competency framework Get the headline information you need about what the clerking competency framework is, and how you can use it. Download this QuickRead to share with your board.
  • The role of the clerk All boards must have a clerk. Find out who can be clerk, and be clear on what the role involves so you can work with them effectively. Download our model role description if you’re recruiting a new clerk.
  • Training for clerks to the governing board Clerks should have all of the skills and knowledge set out in the clerking competency framework. Discover what funding is available to you and where to find the training you need.