Last reviewed on 31 March 2022
School types: All · School phases: All
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Recruiting a headteacher is difficult, time-consuming, and it isn't always successful despite your best efforts. Here's some advice on how to start over if it's not going well and you can't turn it around.

It's tough out there 

We've all seen the headlines. In this environment, recruiting a headteacher might seem impossible. If you've already gone out once and it hasn't gone well, you might well lose faith. You're not alone. 

Maybe you didn't get the right candidates. Maybe you didn't get enough candidates. It's even possible you didn't get any candidates. 

It's time to go again. But first, you need to get some things in order. 

We wrote this article with the help of Jane Edminson, Brendan Hollyer and Steve Ward, 3 of our associate education experts.

Keep the school running smoothly while you search

Maybe you hoped to have a replacement before your current headteacher leaves, maybe you have a deputy acting up at the moment. If it now looks as if this could go on indefinitely, here are some provisions you can make.

If your current headteacher is