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Download our shortlisting template to help you identify which candidates to invite for interview. Find out how to make sure your process is fair and that you shortlist the right people.

Download and adapt our shortlisting grid

Use the template to help you decide which candidates to shortlist for interview.

How to use it

  • Add all the essential criteria from the relevant person specification
  • Go through each application checking off whether the candidate has met the essential criteria for the role, and use that as the basis for shortlisting

Use fair criteria and rely only on evidence outlined in the application

Make your system clear and straightforward. Shortlist your candidates based only on:

  • Criteria taken from the person specification
  • Skills and experience outlined in the application that are relevant to the job in question

By doing this, if you're challenged you’ll be able to show:

You don't have to investigate a challenge to a shortlisting decision. However, if you’re challenged on grounds of