Financial monitoring & reporting

  • Academy Trust Handbook: changes from September 2023
    Changes to the Academy Trust Handbook 2023 include a move away from the Governance Handbook for descriptions of quality governance, and looser requirements for meeting frequency and sharing management accounts with the trust board.
  • How to interrogate a finance report
    Read our step-by-step guide to monitoring the finance report so you're clear on what the numbers mean, what to look out for and what questions to ask in your finance committee meeting.
  • How to use financial benchmarking
    Get a handle on how to use the DfE's financial benchmarking website. See how your school compares with others and understand how to ask your school business manager the right kinds of questions.
  • Monitoring school/trust finance: an overview
    Financial oversight is one of the governing board's core functions. Get to grips with what your board's key responsibilities are, and learn what financial oversight means in practice, so you can monitor effectively.
  • Risk registers: summary and guidance
    Understand the difference between a risk assessment and risk register, and find out what a register should include and who has responsibility for it.