Last reviewed on 8 April 2022
School types: All · School phases: All
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Find out how you can make sure your local governing bodies uphold their delegated financial responsibilities, so that you maintain oversight of what's going on across your trust.

Note: this article is aimed at those responsible for governance in multi-academy trusts (MATs). If you're on a local governing body, be clear on your role in school finance here.

Make sure your scheme of delegation is clear

Check your:

  • Scheme of delegation to find out what financial responsibilities you've delegated to your local governing bodies (LGBs). This might be part of your overall scheme of delegation or a separate document
  • Funding agreement and articles of association in case there are restrictions on what you can delegate

Be aware that even if you delegate powers, the board of trustees is still ultimately accountable.

Clarify the monitoring and reporting arrangements in your scheme

The monitoring and reporting arrangements you put in place to help you maintain effective financial oversight across your trust will depend on what responsibilities you've delegated.

What they should monitor How