Last reviewed on 13 October 2021
Statutory/mandatory for: Maintained schools Academies Free schools Sixth-form colleges Pupil referral units Non-maintained special schools

Find out what questions you can ask to review your school's special educational needs (SEN) information report and policy. Use our checklists to make sure your school is meeting the requirements, and download our model policy to see what good looks like.

What the information report needs to do: checklist 

The SEN information report must contain information on your school's SEN provision, such as: 

  • Arrangements for consulting parents and young people with SEN and involving parents in their child's education
  • Details on identifying pupils with SEN and assessing their needs
  • Support available in different areas for pupils with SEN, and 
  • How your school is implementing its SEN policy 

The report can be included in your SEN policy, or presented as a separate document.

It should also be easily accessible to both young people and parents, and set out the information in clear, straightforward language. This is explained in paragraph 6.81 of the SEND Code of Practice, linked above.

Our checklist contains the full list of everything that needs to be included in your information report:

What this policy needs to do: checklist 

Your school’s SEN policy should cover: