Last reviewed on 4 October 2019
School types: All · School phases: All
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Not all governors need to be data experts - but governing boards should have at least one person with the skills to interpret the data they're given. Read this article if you're considering how best to deploy your data specialists.

Thanks to Bill Dennison, one of our associate governance experts, for his advice on this article.

Have at least one experienced data analyst on the board

Every board needs at least one person with the skills to understand and interpret data, according to section 3.4 of the Governance Handbook.

The data analyst should:

  • Make sure that other board members correctly understand what the data says about the school's performance
  • Identify those issues that need to be discussed and prioritised based on the data
  • Guide the other board members and help them increase confidence and skill 
  • Identify training opportunities and encourage the other board members to attend

Their responsibility is to ensure that every member on the board can fully engage in discussions about data as it relates to financial and educational performance.

It's ultimately up to your board to set the remit in the terms of reference, but if you're