Last reviewed on 2 December 2021
School types: All · School phases: All
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Understand the procedure for removing the chair or vice-chair in maintained schools and academies, and be clear on how the removal may be kept confidential.

How to remove the chair/vice-chair

Maintained schools

The governing board can remove a chair of governors or vice-chair from office by passing a resolution (note: the board cannot remove the chair if they've been nominated by the secretary of state).

The motion to remove the individual must be an agenda item. The agenda must be circulated at least 7 clear days in advance of the meeting to:

  • The board
  • The headteacher (whether or not they're a governor)
  • Any associate members

Before the governing board resolves to remove the chair or vice-chair:

  • The governor proposing the removal must give their reasons for doing so at the meeting 
  • The chair/vice-chair must be given an opportunity to make a statement in response, before withdrawing from the meeting

This is outlined in regulations 9 and 13 of The School Governance Regulations 2013.


If a resolution is passed