Last reviewed on 3 March 2017
School types: All · School phases: All
Ref: 30149

Is there guidance on conducting governor appraisal? Three of our associate education experts give advice on the frequency and preparation for governor appraisal. We link to guidance on choosing an appraisal method. You will also find our KeyDoc template for 360° feedback for individual governors.

We asked three of our associate education experts for advice on the best way to conduct governor appraisal.

Jackie Beard and Harry James are national leaders of governance (NLGs). Alice Maynard is an expert in corporate governance, and has vast experience as a non-executive director in the voluntary sector.


Drawing from her experience in corporate governance, Alice suggested that governing bodies establish a schedule for governor appraisal.

She said individual governors might only be appraised once every two years, in light of the voluntary nature of the role. Alice suggested conducting a whole governing body appraisal in the year when individual governors are not being appraised.

She also suggested that governors commission an external appraiser to assess the whole governing body.

Alternatively, it could take every five years, after two rounds of