Last reviewed on 18 July 2019
School types: All · School phases: All
Ref: 5272

An action plan can be documentary evidence of effective governance, but they're not an Ofsted requirement. Learn how to develop and monitor an action plan and see some examples from other governing boards.

We worked with Phil Preston, our associate governance expert, to write this article.

Develop an action plan

In the same way that schools develop action plans to improve those areas that need it, a governing board might also create an action plan to drive its own improvements. 

A good governors' action plan is developed collaboratively with the school's senior leadership and links to the school improvement plan (SIP). It can be a standalone document or it can be integrated into the SIP document itself. 

An effective action plan:

  • Clearly outlines its aims and objectives
  • Details the actions to be taken to meet those objectives
  • Identifies who's responsible for completing each action
  • Sets out clear milestones with which to measure progress

Monitor the plan

The governing board as a whole has responsibility for putting the plan in action, but monitoring is usually done by:

The actual monitoring process