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  • Accepting governors' apologies for absence What is the process for accepting an apology for a governor’s absence? Our associate education experts give advice on how governing bodies should consider and accept apologies for absence, and how to record them. We also link to examples of school policies on considering apologies for absence.
  • Extraordinary meetings of the governing board Find out when extraordinary meetings are called, and the process for calling one in maintained schools and academies. You can also see examples of minutes from extraordinary meetings.
  • Governor meetings: attendance, voting rights and conflicts of interest Read about who has the right to attend and vote at meetings of the governing board, committees, board of trustees, and local governing bodies. We also help you to understand the rules around when people are required to withdraw from meetings and not vote.
  • Governors' meetings: is voting by proxy allowed? Can school governors vote on decisions by proxy? In this article, we look at governing body voting procedures in maintained schools and academies. You will also find the rules on alternative voting arrangements, including voting by telephone and video conference.
  • Quorum for meetings Learn what it means for a meeting to be quorate and how to calculate a quorum to ensure you have the votes you need to get business done.
  • Registering governors' attendance: template You must publish your meeting attendance records on your website. Use our template for registering attendance to help you with this.
  • Virtual meetings: your complete guide Your board should be meeting remotely while schools are closed due to coronavirus. Find out how to run your virtual meetings effectively with our one-stop shop for chairs and clerks.