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  • Funds and freebies: monthly highlights See the latest deadlines for funding opportunities. You'll also find a selection of the grants available to schools across a range of areas, and details of freebies your school can access.
  • Governors' role in generating income for schools Just like every other aspect of school operations, school finances are being deeply affected by the coronavirus crisis. Learn how to help your school generate income and find some potential solutions for raising much-needed funds.
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  • School funding
    • Coronavirus catch-up premium: summary Your school can carry forward any unspent coronavirus catch-up premium into 2021/22. Understand how your school can use it (including details of the National Tutoring Programme) and how to hold school leaders accountable for spending it.
    • Devolved formula capital (DFC) funding Devolved formula capital (DFC) is a source of capital funding for maintained schools and academies. Learn about how it's allocated and the rules your school needs to follow when spending it.
    • Funding for pupils with SEN Get to grips with how provision for pupils with special educational needs (SEN) is funded in your school.
    • Funding in maintained schools Save time with our 1-page summary of how maintained schools are funded and your role in overseeing finance in your school. Download a copy to share with your colleagues.
    • How academies are funded Learn how academies are funded, including how the general annual grant (GAG) works and what additional streams of funding are available.
    • How maintained schools are funded Understand how maintained and maintained special schools are funded in 2021-22. Be clear on other streams of funding, including the pupil premium, PE and sport premium and universal infant free school meals.
    • National funding formula: an overview Get an overview of what you need to know about the national funding formula (NFF), so you’re clear on how your school is funded.
    • Primary PE and sport premium Understand how the PE and sport premium for primary schools is allocated and find out how your school can spend it.
    • Pupil premium Save time by reading our summary of the pupil premium in just 1 page. Download a copy to share with your governing board.
    • Pupil premium: eligible pupils Learn which categories of pupils are eligible for pupil premium funding, and find out more about each category. These include 'ever 6 FSM', 'looked-after children' and 'service children'.
    • School-led tutoring grant: summary Find out your school's requirements for using the school-led tutoring grant (part of the National Tutoring Programme), and when it will receive the funding.
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