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  • Performance management reports to governors Find out what you should expect to see in a report on performance management, and the types of questions you should expect to see answered on the impact of the performance management procedure.
  • Teacher appraisal: governors' role What is the governing body's role in teacher appraisal? This article sets out the main duties placed on governing bodies, and links to the DfE's model policy on teacher appraisal. We also look at the regulations on teacher appraisal in maintained schools.
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  • Benchmarking staff pay How can we benchmark staff pay? Governing boards are advised to benchmark staff pay internally and with other schools. This article relays advice from unions, ISBL and a government report. You will also find a link to the DfE's online benchmarking tool.
  • Pay award for teachers in 2020 Make sure you know what the pay rises for teachers in 2020/21 are, as well as how your school needs to apply them. Find the pay ranges in the current STPCD all in one place.
  • Pay committee: membership Be clear on who can sit on the pay committee for maintained schools and academies, and what the rules are for staff governors. See also example pay policies from schools.
  • Pay for school business managers Community and voluntary controlled schools have to follow the LA's pay range, but other schools can decide their own. Read about average salaries in primary and secondary schools to help you decide on a fair pay range.
  • Pay for support staff Learn about who sets the pay for school support staff, the 2018 support staff pay award, pay progression, and your role in determining pay on appointment.
  • Rewards and incentives for staff What rewards and incentives for staff can schools use? This article looks at suggestions and policies for rewarding teaching and support staff members financially and by other means. It also links to a further article on staff morale and wellbeing.
  • Teachers' pay We summarise teachers' pay in just one page. Download a copy of this QuickRead as a ready-made resource to share with your governing board.
  • Teachers' pay award 2020: 'cheat sheet' Unsure how the latest changes to teacher pay affect your school? Get up to speed with our cheat sheet.
  • Teachers' pay grant: what your school will get and when Get to grips with upcoming changes to the way teacher pay grants will be funded from 2021. Find out how your school's allocation will be calculated, and how it can spend the grant.
  • Teaching and learning responsibility (TLR) payments Is there guidance on awarding TLRs? We explain what teaching and learning responsibility (TLR) payments are, and how they are awarded. You will also find information on the value of TLR payments and the rules on salary safeguarding.
  • Your role in teachers' pay progression Understand the pay and progression process, from what to expect in the report from your headteacher, to how to manage appeals. We've included special considerations for this year in light of COVID-19.
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