How to support a new headteacher

As a chair, be clear on how you can support your new headteacher and induct them effectively. Download our checklist to help you keep track of what you need to do.

Last reviewed on 1 November 2022
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  1. Set up regular meetings
  2. Let them know how your board works
  3. Download our checklist 
  4. Check for additional support

Set up regular meetings

One of the first things to do is establish how and when you'll have regular catch-ups with your new headteacher:

  • Decide how you’ll communicate
    • Phone, email, video calls, in person – whatever you and your headteacher choose should be tailored to how your headteacher works best
  • Set a schedule
    • This'll be based on when your headteacher would prefer to be contacted, including what time of day and how often
    • Try to establish the same weekly/fortnightly slot, so you’re both clear on what’s expected and no one feels overloaded
  • Keep an eye on their wellbeing
    • This a fresh relationship, so put wellbeing on your meeting agenda to help you build a healthy habit of checking in on them

Be clear on how else you can work well with your headteacher.

Let them know how your board works