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  • Determining and reviewing headteacher pay Make sure you know how to set pay ranges for headteachers, including in special schools, and when you can change their pay ranges. Read guidance on when you can give additional payments, and how you should pay those in an acting role.
  • Headteacher pay progression: an overview What role do governors play in headteacher pay progression? We look at the role of the governing board in determining headteacher pay progression. We also set out how pay progression should be determined under the STPCD, and refer to advice from two of our associate education experts.
  • Headteacher pay progression: FAQs This article addresses frequently asked questions (FAQs) about headteacher pay progression. It looks at whether the pay committee can refuse a recommendation, whether pay can be increased without objectives being met, and when pay decisions take effect.
  • Paying headteachers above the headteacher group Can we set the headteacher's pay range above the headteacher group? This article sets out the DfE's guidance on setting the pay range above the headteacher group. It explains the process for exceeding the group maximum by more than 25%, and possible reasons why this would be appropriate.
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  • Supporting and monitoring headteacher wellbeing How can governors support and monitor headteacher wellbeing? This article contains 2 downloadable KeyDocs to help you monitor and support headteacher wellbeing. One is an audit form for monitoring potential stressors, while the other has questions to prompt discussion on wellbeing.
  • Supporting a new headteacher How can we support a new headteacher? This article contains a downloadable KeyDoc setting out arrangements a governing body can make to support a newly appointed headteacher. It also points to local authority guidance on headteacher induction.
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