Last reviewed on 11 October 2021
School types: All · School phases: All
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Get guidance on assembling your headteacher appraisal panel, including who to appoint and what's required in maintained schools and academies.

Set up a panel

Governing boards in maintained schools are required to carry out their headteacher's annual appraisal, and must follow the appraisal regulations

Academies don't have to follow these regulations, but it's good practice, as explained in the Department for Education's model appraisal policy (page 4). 

The model appraisal policy suggests you appoint a group of 2 or 3 governors to serve as appraisers (page 7). In this article we refer to the group as a panel. 

A panel with 3 governors is ideal as this allows for a good balance of views, according to our associate governance expert Tony Cook. This also ensures you have enough 'untainted' governors to hear an appeal if necessary.

Who to appoint

External adviser

Maintained schools must appoint an external adviser to support and guide the panel through the appraisal process.

Academies aren't required to appoint an external adviser, but it's good practice to do so.

Helps to plug any gaps in the panel's knowledge or skills