Questions to ask about wellbeing

Get inspiration for questions you can ask your school leaders about wellbeing, so you're able to monitor wellbeing strategically.

Last reviewed on 1 March 2024
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  1. General
  2. Wellbeing initiatives
  3. Staff wellbeing
  4. Staff turnover
  5. Career development
  6. Pupil wellbeing/the curriculum

Use the questions below as a starting point for talking about wellbeing with your school leaders and/or wellbeing lead during full governing board meetings or in separate conversations.

You don't need to (and shouldn't) ask all these questions in 1 meeting. Choose which questions fit best with the focus of your meeting or visit. If you have a wellbeing link governor, check their report to the board first to see if they've already asked some of the questions below.

How are you? How are you, and other senior leaders, managing your/their current workload? Is there anything the board can do to support you further? Do we have a wellbeing policy or action plan? If your school does, ask: how is progress being made towards the wellbeing vision/objectives set out in this document? How many mental health first-aiders (or equivalent) do we have in school? Note – these members of staff should be trained/qualified to offer support.  What are we doing to promote the wellbeing of the senior