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  • Coronavirus: how to set your school improvement plan (SIP) NewYou still need to set the strategic aims in your school’s SIP for the year ahead. If you’re the chair, find out how coronavirus may (and may not!) affect this, what you should bear in mind, and what you can expect from senior leaders.
  • How to evaluate and approve the school improvement plan Your governing board should approve the school improvement plan (SIP) every year. Understand the process for doing that, what to look out for and what questions to ask. The SIP is sometimes called a school development plan or strategic plan.
  • Know your school: a checklist There's so much information to know as a governor that it can be overwhelming. Download our checklist to understand the key information you should know about your school and where to find it.
  • School improvement plans: template and examples See examples of school improvement plans from primary and secondary schools, and a template from a local authority.