Progress 8 explained

Performance measures can be confusing. Get up to speed with what 'progress 8' is and how it's calculated, so you can understand your school's performance data.

Last reviewed on 29 November 2022
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  1. Is this article for me?
  2. What is progress 8?
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Is this article for me?

Most governors don't need to understand performance data in great detail in order to carry out their roles, so read our guide to school performance data to learn the basics.

However, some governors need a deeper understanding of the detail. This article is for you if you're a governor in a secondary school and you're:

  • Already a data specialist who just needs to know more about school performance data specifically
  • On a committee focused on performance data, such as teaching and learning or standards
  • A link governor who needs to know about the performance data to monitor your area effectively 

First, if you're not sure, make sure you understand the difference between attainment and progress before moving on.

Use our performance data glossary to help you navigate the jargon. 

What is progress 8?